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Air Rifles: Discount Beeman, Crosman, & Gamo Airguns

At Hunting Camping Deals, we sell a variety of air rifles from leading manufacturers. If you are looking to buy discount air rifles including break action air rifles, variable pump air rifles, PCP air rifles, or CO2 powered air rifles, we are your one stop shop. Whether you are looking for an air rifle for small game hunting, large or small pest control, or target shooting, we sell air rifles for any type of use. With discount prices on air rifles from leading manufacturers including Beeman, Crosman, Gamo, and Umarex, Hunting Camping Deals is your one stop discount airgun shop.

Air Rifles

Beeman R1 Double Gold

R1 Double Gold .22 4-12x40 w/MuzR1 Double Gold .22 4-12x40 w/Muz
Mfg: 1012DG
SKU: 51785

Beeman Mach 12.5

Mach 12.5 .22 1000 FPS Air Rifle.22, 1000 FPS Air Rifle
Mfg: 12522
SKU: 53989
Mach 12.5 .177 1250 FPS Air Rifle.177, 1250 FPS Air Rifle
Mfg: 12517
SKU: 53988

Beeman RS2 Combo

RS2 Combo .177 w/3-9x32 Scope.177 w/3-9x32 Scope
Mfg: 1062
SKU: 51791
RS2 Combo .22 w/3-9x32 Scope.22 w/3-9x32 Scope
Mfg: 1064
SKU: 51792

Beeman Wolverine Carbine

Wolverine Carbine Air Rifle .177Air Rifle .177 Caliber
Mfg: 1071
SKU: 53978
Wolverine Carbine NS Rifle .177Night Sights Rifle .177
Mfg: 1070
SKU: 53977

Beeman Weighted BB Repeater

Weighted BB Repeater w/FiberOpticw/FiberOptic
Mfg: 2021
SKU: 54002
Weighted BB Repeater w/Scopew/Scope
Mfg: 2026
SKU: 54003

Benjamin Sheridan Discovery Pre-Charged Air Rifle

Discovery Pre-Charged .177.177 Caliber
SKU: 50434
Discovery Pre-Charged .22.22 Caliber
SKU: 50435

Benjamin Sheridan Super Streak Air Rifle

.177 AmbTH HW Stck w/Scope Blued.177 Caliber, Ambidextrous, HW Stock w/Scope
SKU: 50431
B1122BTM .22 Amb HW Stk w/Scope.22 Caliber, Ambidextrous, HW Stock w/Scope
SKU: 50430

Benjamin Sheridan Benjamin Trail NP

Benjamin Trail NP .22 Rifle Pkg.22 Rifle Package
SKU: 59998
Benjamin Trail NP.22 Wood Stock.22, Wood Stock
SKU: 57970
Benjm Trail NP XL1100 .22Cal NPXL1100 .22Cal Nitro Piston
SKU: 58525
Benj Trail NPXL1500 .177 Hdwd StkXL 1500 .177 Hardwood Stock
SKU: 57969

Benjamin Sheridan Marauder

Marauder .177 Cal.177 Caliber
SKU: 56419
Benjm Marauder .22Cal Pneum Rifle.22 Caliber
SKU: 53495

Crosman TAC1-Extreme Kit

TAC1-Ext Kit Rfl/Scp/Cs/Pllts .22.22 Rifle, Scope, Case,Pellets
SKU: 46988

Crosman CO2 Airgun

Model 1077 12 Shot Semi CO2 RifleModel 1077 12 shot Semi Auto
Mfg: 1077
SKU: 46987

Crosman Pump Airgun

Bolt Action Pump Single Shot .177.177 Bolt Action Single Shot Pump
Mfg: 2100B
SKU: 1848
Pneumatic Pump Airgun BB/PelletBB/Pellet Pneumatic Pump
Mfg: 764SB
SKU: 19108
BB Repeater/Single Shot RifleBB/Repeater Single Shot Rifle
Mfg: 760B
SKU: 13571

Crosman Break Barrel Airgun

Quest Break Bbl .177 Hdwd Stock.177 Quest Break Open Barrel, Hardwood Stock
SKU: 30681
Phantom .177 Brk Bbl w/4x32 Scope.177 Phantom, Break Open Barrel with Scope
SKU: 43973
Remngtn Summit .177 Brk Bbl w/Scp.177 Remington Summit, Break Open Barrel with Scope
SKU: 43974
Raven Break Barrel RifleBreak Barrel Rifle
SKU: 50439
Remington Summit Break Barrel .22Remington Summit Break Barrel .22
SKU: 55173
Remgtn NP.22 Digital Camo StockRemgtn NP.22 Digital Camo Stock
SKU: 57976
Remgtn NP.177 Carbon Fiber StockRemgtn NP.177 Carbon Fiber Stock
SKU: 57977

Gamo Whisper

Whisper w/39x40 & Mountsw/3-9x40 & Mounts
Mfg: 611004954
SKU: 53207
Whisper VHVarmint Hunter
Mfg: 611007254
SKU: 53208
Whisper Class W/3-9X40 + PBA PLATClassic w/3-9X40 + PBA Platinum Ammo
Mfg: 611004954WC
SKU: 58142
Whisper .22 CAL W/ 3-9X40 + PBA.22 CAL W/ 3-9X40 + PBA (25 rds)
Mfg: 61100495554
SKU: 58141
Whisper Deluxe W/ 3-9X40 + PBADeluxe W/ 3-9X40 + PBA
Mfg: 611006754
SKU: 58143
Whisper Royal W/3-9X40 + PBA PLATRoyal W/3-9X40 + PBA Platinum
Mfg: 611004954WR
SKU: 58144

Gamo Hunter Extreme

Hunter Extreme .22.22
Mfg: 61100415554
SKU: 54847
Hunter Extreme w/39x50IR & Mountsw/39x50IR & Mounts
Mfg: 611004154
SKU: 53205

Umarex Model 350

RWS Model 350 .177 Caliber.177 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6155
SKU: 44128
RWS - Model 350 Magnum .22 Pellet.22 Magnum
Mfg: 216-6150
SKU: 46122
RWS - Model 350 Mag Combo .177.177 Magnum Combo
Mfg: 216-6154
SKU: 46123
RWS Model 350 Combo .22 Caliber.22 Caliber Combo
Mfg: 216-6151
SKU: 44127

Umarex Model 34

RWS Model 34 .177 Caliber.177 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6160
SKU: 44129
RWS - Model 34 Combo .22 Pellet.22 Pellet Combo Scope Package
Mfg: 216-6159
SKU: 46124
RWS Model 34 Combo .177 Caliber.177 Caliber Combo with Scope
Mfg: 216-6164
SKU: 44130
RWS Model 34 .22 Caliber.22 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6165
SKU: 44131
RWS - Model 34 Panther Pro .177.177 Caliber Panther Pro
Mfg: 216-6026
SKU: 50559

Umarex Model 48

RWS Model 48 Combo .177 Caliber.177 Caliber Combo
Mfg: 216-6199
SKU: 44132
RWS - Model 48 Combo .22 Pellet.22 Pellet Combo
Mfg: 216-6202
SKU: 46125
RWS Model 48 .177 Caliber.177 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6200
SKU: 44133
RWS Model 48 .22 Caliber.22 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6205
SKU: 44134

Umarex Lever Action .177

Walther Lever Action Rifle .177Lever Action .177
Mfg: 225-2000
SKU: 46130
Walther Lever Action .177 w/ScopeLever Action .177 w/Scope
Mfg: 225-2001
SKU: 46131

Umarex Model 350 Feuerkraft

Model 350 Feuerkraft ProCm .177Pro Compact .177
Mfg: 216-6157
SKU: 56303
RWS - Model 350 Feuerkraft .177.177 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6152
SKU: 50560
RWS - Model 350 Feuerkraft .22.22 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6158
SKU: 50562

Umarex Ruger Air Hawk

Ruger Air Hawk Combo w/4X32 .177Combo with 4X32 Scope, .177 Cal.
Mfg: 224-4001
SKU: 50567
Ruger Air Hawk Combo 490FPS .177Combo with 4x32 scope, .177 Cal., 490 fps
Mfg: 224-4002
SKU: 50568
Ruger AHElite Combo w/3-9X40 .177Combo with 3-9X40 Scope, .177 cal.
Mfg: 224-4000
SKU: 50566

Umarex Walther 1250 Dominator

Walther - 1250 Dominator .177.177 Caliber
Mfg: 225-2013
SKU: 50569
Walther - 1250 Dominator FT .177FT, .177 Caliber
Mfg: 225-2014
SKU: 50570
Walther - 1250 Dominator .22.22 Caliber
Mfg: 225-2015
SKU: 50571
Walther - 1250 Dominator FT .22FT, .22 Caliber
Mfg: 225-2016
SKU: 50572

Umarex RWS - Model 350 P Magnum

M350 P Mag Combo (4X32 w/Mt) .177Combo (4X32 Scope w/Mount) .177
Mfg: 216-6461
SKU: 56307
RWS - Model 350 P Magnum .177.177 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6460
SKU: 53821
RWS - Model 350 P Magnum .22.22 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6462
SKU: 53822

Umarex Model 34 P Combo

Model 34 P Cmpt .177 w/Scope .177Compact .177 w/Scope
Mfg: 216-6027
SKU: 56302
Model 34 P Combo .177 (4X32 w/Mt).177 (4X32 Scope w/Mount)
Mfg: 216-6025
SKU: 56301

Umarex Model 54

Model 54 .177 Gun OnlyGun Only
Mfg: 216-6220
SKU: 51967
Model 54 Combo (4X32 w/Mt) .177Combo (4X32 w/Mount) .177
Mfg: 216-6226
SKU: 56305

Umarex Model 460

RWS - Model 460 .177 Pellet.177 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6445
SKU: 46126
M460 Mag Combo 4X32 w/Mt .177Magnum Combo 4X32 w/Mount, .177
Mfg: 216-6446
SKU: 56306

Umarex Hämmerli - 490 Express

Hämmerli - 490 Express Combo .177Combo .177
Mfg: 224-1014
SKU: 56312
Hämmerli - 490 Express .177.177
Mfg: 224-1013
SKU: 56311

Umarex Walther Talon Magnum Combo

Walther Talon Magnum Combo .177.177 Combo, 3-9x32 scope
Mfg: 225-2225
SKU: 50573
Walth Talon Mag Combo .22, 3-9X32.22, 3-9X32
Mfg: 225-2224
SKU: 53826

Umarex Beretta Pistol

Beretta CX4 Storm - Black .177CX4 Storm - Black .177
Mfg: 225-3005
SKU: 56345
Beretta CX4 Storm XT Blk Pkg .177CX4 Storm XT Blk Pkg .177
Mfg: 225-3008
SKU: 56346

Additional Air Rifles

Bear Claw Air Rifle .177 calBeeman
Bear Claw Air Rifle .177 cal
Mfg: 1086
SKU: 53981
Xcel X2 DC w/Case .177 & .22Beeman
Xcel X2 DC w/Case .177 & .22
Mfg: 1090
SKU: 53982
Predator Air Rifle .177 calBeeman
Predator Air Rifle .177 cal
Mfg: 1079
SKU: 53979
Elkhorn Air Rifle .177calBeeman
Elkhorn Air Rifle .177cal
Mfg: 1067
SKU: 53976
Carnivore Air Rifle .177 calBeeman
Carnivore Air Rifle .177 cal
Mfg: 1084
SKU: 53980
RS1 Air Rifle .177 Pkg w/4x32 ScpBeeman
RS1 Air Rifle .177 Pkg w/4x32 Scp
Mfg: 1051
SKU: 51790
RS3 AW DC Rifle w/Case .177&.22Beeman
RS3 AW DC Rifle w/Case .177&.22
Mfg: 1092
SKU: 51794
SS550 Air Rifle .177 w/4x20 ScopeBeeman
SS550 Air Rifle .177 w/4x20 Scope
Mfg: 1785
SKU: 51799
.177 AmbTH HW Stck w/Scope NickelBenjamin Sheridan
.177 AmbTH HW Stck w/Scope Nickel
SKU: 59526
Model 397 .177 Caliber BlackBenjamin Sheridan
Model 397 .177 Caliber Black
Mfg: 397
SKU: 8
Model 392 .22 Caliber BlackBenjamin Sheridan
Model 392 .22 Caliber Black
Mfg: 392
SKU: 39
Model CB9 .20 Caliber BlackBenjamin Sheridan
Model CB9 .20 Caliber Black
SKU: 43
NightStalker .177 Semiauto AirSrcCrosman
NightStalker .177 Semiauto AirSrc
SKU: 43971
760 Pumpmaster BB, PinkCrosman
760 Pumpmaster BB, Pink
Mfg: 760P
SKU: 50423
Recruit Adjustable Stock RifleCrosman
Recruit Adjustable Stock Rifle
SKU: 53498
Silent CatGamo
Silent Cat
Mfg: 6110072154
SKU: 53219
Socom Extreme W/ 3-9X50 RGBDGamo
Socom Extreme W/ 3-9X50 RGBD
Mfg: 611007754
SKU: 58137
Recon w/4x20 & MountsGamo
Recon w/4x20 & Mounts
Mfg: 611002554
SKU: 53204
Nitro 17 w/3-9x40Gamo
Nitro 17 w/3-9x40
Mfg: 611004554
SKU: 53206
Varmint Hnter w/4X32 Light, LaserGamo
Varmint Hnter w/4X32 Light, Laser
Mfg: 6110929754
SKU: 53220
Hämmerli - Pneuma .177Umarex
Hämmerli - Pneuma .177
Mfg: 225-1010
SKU: 56316
H&K MP5 K-PDW .177Umarex
H&K MP5 K-PDW .177
Mfg: 225-2330
SKU: 56321
EBOS .177 AirgunUmarex
EBOS .177 Airgun
Mfg: 225-2150
SKU: 56319
M34 Meisterschütze PC .177w/ScopeUmarex
M34 Meisterschütze PC .177w/Scope
Mfg: 216-6176
SKU: 56304
Ruger -Explorer Youth Rifle .177Umarex
Ruger -Explorer Youth Rifle .177
Mfg: 224-4020
SKU: 56313
Hämmerli 850 Air Mag Combo .177Umarex
Hämmerli 850 Air Mag Combo .177
Mfg: 225-1002
SKU: 56314
RWS - Model LP8 .177 PelletUmarex
RWS - Model LP8 .177 Pellet
Mfg: 216-6930
SKU: 53823
Walther SG9000 - Black .177 BBUmarex
Walther SG9000 - Black .177 BB
Mfg: 225-2019
SKU: 53825
Walther Falcon Hunter ComboUmarex
Walther Falcon Hunter Combo
Mfg: 225-2226
SKU: 54774
RWS Model 52 .177 CaliberUmarex
RWS Model 52 .177 Caliber
Mfg: 216-6210
SKU: 44135
RWS - Model Schutze .177Umarex
RWS - Model Schutze .177
Mfg: 216-6167
SKU: 50564
Ruger Blkhwk Comb 4x32 Scope .177Umarex
Ruger Blkhwk Comb 4x32 Scope .177
Mfg: 224-4010
SKU: 53824

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Types of Air Rifles

Break Barrel Air Rifles

Break Barrel Air Rifles, also called break action rifles, are the most popular type of airguns used for hunting and pest control. These air rifles are powered by moving a piston located in the receiver to the rear as the hinged barrel is pulled downward. The piston is then locked against a strong spring. When the rifle is fired, this piston is pushed forward at a high velocity, and it then compresses the air in the chamber ahead of the piston thus forcing the pellet down the barrel. Break action air rifles can shoot at velocities of 1,000 feet per second or more. One downside to break action rifles is that by design, they result in reduced accuracy compared to other air rifle types.

Variable Pump Air Rifles

Variable Pump Air Rifles are designed so that several strokes of the pumping mechanism will force air into a chamber where it is held under high pressure until the gun is fired. With variable pump rifles, you can control the power of a shot by pumping the rifle more or less times. These air rifles will have a maximum pellet velocity that is based on a number of different factors, but in general pump air rifles fire at intermediate velocities. A benefit of variable pump air rifles is that they offer excellent accuracy making them ideal for hunting pests and small game.

PCP Air Rifles

PCP Air Rifles, also known as pre-charged Pneumatic guns, use a pre-compressed air source that is built in to the gun to propel the projectile. Therefore, prior to shooting a PCP air rifle, you must use an external hand pump to fill this air reservoir. A main benefit of the large air reservoirs in PCP rifles is that they offer a number of shots in between pumping and are the most powerful of all air rifles manufactured today. PCP air rifles are also versatile airguns as they offer adjustable power levels.

CO2 Air Rifles

While most CO2 airguns are pistols, there are a number of CO2 powered air rifles available from leading manufacturers. CO2 air rifles are convenient because the small container of CO2 gas can be held within the gun and used to fire a number of shots without pumping at velocities up to 600 feet per second. The major disadvantage of CO2 powered air rifles is that the amount of power that the rifle can generate is highly dependent on temperature, and therefore, on colder days this will result in lower pellet velocities.

Discount Air Rifles from Popular Manufacturers

Hunting Camping Deals is proud to supply discount air rifles from some of the leading airgun manufacturers. These guns are durable, reliable and will offer superior performance again and again. Whether you are looking to buy a powerful small game or varmint hunting air rifle or an accurate air rifle for target shooting, our selection of discount air rifles has something for everyone including:

  • Beeman Air Rifles
  • Benjamin Sheridan Air Rifles
  • Crosman Air Rifles
  • Gamo Air Rifles
  • Umarex Air Rifles