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Camp Cooking Equipment: Discount Cookware and Stoves

As true outdoor enthusiasts, we understand that while camp cooking should be easy, it should not be boring. Therefore, we supply a wide selection of camp cooking equipment in order to provide you with everything that you need to create delicious meals no matter how far away from home. From quality camping stoves and grills to durable pots and pans and cooking utensils, Hunting Camping Deals is a leading online store for discount camp cooking equipment. If you are planning a family camping trip for the weekend or a challenging backpacking expedition through the wilderness, make sure to begin your journey prepared with adequate knowledge and superior equipment.

At Hunting Camping Deals, we sell a variety of discount cooking equipment for camping. From camping stoves including family camping stoves, backpacking stoves, and canister stoves to camping cookware including pots and pans, dishes, and utensils, we are a one-stop shop for all of you camp cooking needs. Whether you prefer camping, hiking, backpacking, or other outdoor activities, Hunting Camping Deals has you covered. Check out our broad selection of discount outdoor cooking equipment shown below or select the individual categories above to search for specific items.

Camping Stoves

A camping stove is your most important piece of camping equipment around which the meal and your required gear and equipment is centered. If you plan to cook complex meals when camping, then you will need to buy a large group or family camping stove to handle the necessary pots and pans. If your idea of camp cooking is simply heating water for dehydrated instant meals as is the case for most backpackers, then a compact, single burner stove will be sufficient. In addition, when buying a camping stove as part of your camp cooking equipment, you will have to determine the fuel source that best fits your needs. Each fuel source has different advantages and disadvantages so picking the best choice may involve balancing the tradeoffs of one fuel type over another. The following are some of the most popular types of camp cooking stoves available today. Read more about these camp stoves and learn which camping stove to buy here on our website.

Camping Cookware

In addition to buying the best camping stove for your needs, cookware is also an important part of your camp cooking equipment. From stainless steel pots and bowls to enamel dishes and mugs, there are a variety of types and styles of cookware for camping from which to choose. In general, it is important to buy camping cookware that is durable and made to last. Camping cooking equipment takes a lot of abuse, and therefore at Hunting Camping Deals, we supply only quality, discount camping gear made from some of the most durable materials. Another aspect of camp cooking equipment is that it should allow for easy clean up such as the case with non-stick coatings or quality stainless steel pots and pans.

Quality Camping Cooking Equipment

At Hunting Camping Deals, you will find a large selection of discount camping equipment including camping stoves and cookware from leading manufacturers. Each of these products is available at affordable prices so that when you shop at Hunting Camping Deals you can rest assured that you are buying the best products at the best prices. Some of the leading camping equipment brands that we supply include:

  • Brunton
  • Chinook
  • Coghlans
  • Jaccard
  • North American Gear
  • Optimus
  • Stansport

Camping Stoves & Grills

Camp Stove ToasterCoghlans
Camp Stove Toaster
Heavy Duty Camp Grill 24x16Stansport
Heavy Duty Camp Grill 24x16"

Canister Camping Stoves

Stansport Propane Barbeque

Propane BBQ, Stainless SteelStainless Steel

Additional Canister Camping Stoves & Cooking Equipment

Home N Away Portable StoveJaccard
Home N Away Portable Stove
Primus EtaExpress 1.0L Pot&FryNorth American Gear
Primus EtaExpress 1.0L Pot&Fry
Primus EtaSolo Stove w/.9L PotNorth American Gear
Primus EtaSolo Stove w/.9L Pot
Primus Classic Trail StoveNorth American Gear
Primus Classic Trail Stove
Primus Gravity EFII w/Piezo IgnitNorth American Gear
Primus Gravity EFII w/Piezo Ignit
Primus EtaPower EF w/2.1L Pot,FryNorth American Gear
Primus EtaPower EF w/2.1L Pot,Fry
Crux Lite w/Terra Solo Cook SetOptimus
Crux Lite w/Terra Solo Cook Set
Crux w/Terra Weekend HE Cook SetOptimus
Crux w/Terra Weekend HE Cook Set
Crux LiteOptimus
Crux Lite
Diamond Plate Tuff StoveStansport
Diamond Plate Tuff Stove
Outfitter Ultra High Prop StoveStansport
Outfitter Ultra High Prop Stove
Portable Propane Grill Stove, BlackStansport
Portable Propane Grill Stove, Black
Two Burner Piezo Stove w/Drip PanStansport
Two Burner Piezo Stove w/Drip Pan
High Output Prop Stove & GrillStansport
High Output Prop Stove & Grill
Portable Outdoor Butane StoveStansport
Portable Outdoor Butane Stove
Single Burner Flat Prop StoveStansport
Single Burner Flat Prop Stove
Single Burner Upright Prop StoveStansport
Single Burner Upright Prop Stove
Two Burner Propane StoveStansport
Two Burner Propane Stove

Liquid Fuel Camping Stoves

Nova StoveOptimus
Nova Stove
Nova Plus StoveOptimus
Nova Plus Stove
Optimus Hiker Plus Single UnitOptimus
Optimus Hiker Plus Single Unit

Camp Cooking Equipment: Cups & Mugs

Chinook Get-A-Grip Vacuum Flask

Get-A-Grip Vacuum Flask 17oz17 oz.
Get-A-Grip Vacuum Flask 24oz24 oz.
Get-A-Grip Vacuum Flask 34oz34 oz.

Stanley Lunchbox Cooler

Lunchbox Cooler 7 qt Green7 Quart, Green
Combo Classic Cooler/Bottle GreenBottle Combo, Green

Stanley Vacuum Food Jar

Vacuum Food Jar 17 oz Red17 oz., Red
Vacuum Food Jar 17 oz Black17 oz., Black
Vacuum Food Jar 17 oz Green17 oz., Green

Stanley Ultra Vacuum Bottle

Ultra Vacuum Bottle 1.4 qt Black1.4 Quart, Black
Ultra Vacuum Bottle 1.4 qt Red1.4 Quart, Red
Ultra Vacuum Bottle 1.4 qt Green1.4 Quart, Green

Additional Cups & Mugs

Coffee Press Mug, 16ozChinook
Coffee Press Mug, 16oz
Timberline Double Wall Mug 15ozChinook
Timberline Double Wall Mug 15oz
Timberline Wine GobletChinook
Timberline Wine Goblet
Stainless Steel Hip Flask, 8ozChinook
Stainless Steel Hip Flask, 8oz
Mug 18 oz GreenStanley
Mug 18 oz Green
Flask 8 oz GreenStanley
Flask 8 oz Green
Enamel Coffee Mug 10ozStansport
Enamel Coffee Mug 10oz
Black Granite Steel Mug 14ozStansport
Black Granite Steel Mug 14oz

Camp Cooking Equipment: Dishes

Chinook Camper Tableware Set

Camper Tableware Set

Chinook Acadia Tableware Set, Blue

Acadia Tableware Set, Blue

Chinook Coffee Percolator

Coffee Percolator, 12 Cup12 cup
Coffee Percolator, 6 Cup6 cup

Chinook Granite Espresso Coffee Maker

Granite Espresso Coffee, 6 Cup6 Cup
Granite Espresso Coffee, 3 Cup3 Cup

Stansport Black Granite 8" Bowl

Black Granite 8 inch bowlBlack
RT Black Granite Bowl - 8Realtree

Additional Camping Dishes

Folding Washbasin, YellowChinook
Folding Washbasin, Yellow
Trekker Hard Anodized Tea KettleChinook
Trekker Hard Anodized Tea Kettle
Egg HolderCoghlans
Egg Holder
Primus Meal Set - RedNorth American Gear
Primus Meal Set - Red
Egg Container, 12 EggsStansport
Egg Container, 12 Eggs
Hip Flask, Stainless SteelStansport
Hip Flask, Stainless Steel
Gold Pan 14Stansport
Gold Pan 14"
Enamel Coffee Pot 12 Cup w/PercStansport
Enamel Coffee Pot 12 Cup w/Perc
Enamel Dinner Plate 10Stansport
Enamel Dinner Plate 10"
Enamel Bowl 7Stansport
Enamel Bowl 7"

Camp Cooking Equipment: Pots & Pans

Chinook Ridge Hard Anodized Cookset

Ridge Hard Anodized Cookset, LgLarge
Ridge Hard Anodized Cookset, XLX-Large
Ridge Hard Anodized Cookset, MedMedium

Non-Stick Pots & Pans

Trekker 7-Piece CooksetChinook
Trekker 7-Piece Cookset
Hard Anodized Frying Pan 8.5Chinook
Hard Anodized Frying Pan 8.5"
26 Piece Backwoods Camp KitOpen Country
26 Piece Backwoods Camp Kit
Terra HE 3 pot Cook SetOptimus
Terra HE 3 pot Cook Set
Terra Lite HE 2 pot Cook SetOptimus
Terra Lite HE 2 pot Cook Set
Terra Solo .6LOptimus
Terra Solo .6L
Terra Pot Lifter Optimus
Terra Pot Lifter
Terra Kettle Optimus
Terra Kettle
Optimus Terra Weekend HE Set .95LOptimus
Optimus Terra Weekend HE Set .95L
Terra Fry PanOptimus
Terra Fry Pan
Terra Gourmet Pot 1.65 L Optimus
Terra Gourmet Pot 1.65 L
Terra Light Weight Pot 1.7 L Optimus
Terra Light Weight Pot 1.7 L
Black Granite Family Cook SetStansport
Black Granite Family Cook Set
Black Granite Solo Cook Pot 1 LtrStansport
Black Granite Solo Cook Pot 1 Ltr
Black Granite Mess KitStansport
Black Granite Mess Kit
Black Granite 2 Person Cook SetStansport
Black Granite 2 Person Cook Set

Chinook Ridgeline Cookset

Ridgeline Duo CooksetDuo
Ridgeline Solo Mess KitSolo

Stainless Steel Pots & Pans

Plateau CooksetChinook
Plateau Cookset
Lunch Box SS - Oval 16 cmGrand Trunk
Lunch Box SS - Oval 16 cm
Loop Handle Pot SS - 16 cmGrand Trunk
Loop Handle Pot SS - 16 cm

Camp Cooking Equipment: Utensils

Browning Campmate

Campmate, BlackBlack

Coghlans Campfire/ Cooking Forks

Extension ForkExtension Fork
Telescoping ForkTelescoping Fork
Toaster Forks - package of 4Toaster Forks -- Package of 4

Optimus Titanium Cutler Set

Titanium 3-Piece Cutler Set3-Piece
Titanium 2-Piece Cutler Set2-Piece

Optimus Spork

Titanium SporkTitanium Spork
Titanium Folding SporkTitanium Folding Spork

Additional Camping Utensils

Ridgeline Cutlery SetChinook
Ridgeline Cutlery Set
Plateau Cutlery SetChinook
Plateau Cutlery Set
Camp CookerCoghlans
Camp Cooker
Tablecloth Clamps - package of 6Coghlans
Tablecloth Clamps - package of 6
Camp ForkCoghlans
Camp Fork
Primus Lightweight Cutlery Set-PCNorth American Gear
Primus Lightweight Cutlery Set-PC
Primus Red Foldable Spork - PCNorth American Gear
Primus Red Foldable Spork - PC
Side by Side Salt & Pepper ShakerStansport
Side by Side Salt & Pepper Shaker
SS Knife/Fork/Spoon SetStansport
SS Knife/Fork/Spoon Set
Nylon Serving SetStansport
Nylon Serving Set
Cooking Extension ForkStansport
Cooking Extension Fork
Deluxe Knife, Fork & Spoon SetStansport
Deluxe Knife, Fork & Spoon Set
Aluminum Salt & Pepper ShakerStansport
Aluminum Salt & Pepper Shaker
Cooking Utensils, Stainless SteelStansport
Cooking Utensils, Stainless Steel
Multi-Function SS SpatulaStansport
Multi-Function SS Spatula

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