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Hunting Camping Deals:
Discount Outdoor Equipment for Hunting and Camping

Hunting Camping Deals is an online store selling discount outdoor gear for hunting, camping, shooting, and other outdoor sporting activities. If you are looking to buy discount survival gear, discount hunting gear, discount shooting gear, or other discount outdoor products, Hunting Camping Deals is your one stop shop. With a broad selection of survival and tactical products, we offer quality products at the best prices for everyone from the beginner to the experienced professional. If you are looking to buy the best quality outdoor gear, Hunting Camping Deals offers discount prices on the following premium outdoor equipment from leading manufacturers so that you can afford the best products without sacrificing quality.

Camping Tents

At Hunting Camping Deals, we supply a variety of camping tents for everyone from the extreme backpacker to the recreational family camper. Our selection of discount tents consists of brand name tents and outdoor shelters including:

Digital Scouting Camera

With a digital scouting camera from Hunting Camping Deals, a hunter can track game in the field during night and day. If you are looking to buy a discount Infrared Camera, Moultrie Game Camera, Cuddeback Camera, or Bushnell Field Camera, we are a leading supplier.

Small Appliances

In addition to selling discount outdoor and tactical equipment at discount deals, we also sell a variety of discount cooking and food preparation accessories for use at home in the kitchen. These products include Bradley Smokers, Margaritaville Blenders, Vacuum Sealers, and Meat Slicers.


Flashlights can be used during a number of activities including when hunting or camping, for survival situations, around the home, and in tactical or military situations. At Hunting Camping Deals, we sell a discount flashlight fit for everyone including:

Rifle Scope

Scopes are used in hunting, sport shooting, and tactical situations to help the shooter achieve a better view of their target and more accurate shot placement. With scopes designed for use in a variety of situations, Hunting Camping Deals sells discount Hunting Scopes and Tactical Scopes that include Compact Scopes, Holographic Sights, Aimpoint Scopes, Nikon Riflescopes, and Red Dot Sights.

Gun Safes

Having a gun safe to secure and protect your firearms is an important part of responsible gun ownership. At Hunting Camping Deals, you can buy discount Gunvault Safes, Biometric Gun Safes, and Electronic Safes.


Hunting Camping Deals sells discount Crossbow Packages and Accessories including Crossbow Bolts and Crossbow Scopes. We also have affordable hunting crossbows for sale from leading manufacturers including:

Gun Sights

Gun sights are ideal for self-defense, law enforcement, military, and sporting situations. At Hunting Camping Deals, we sell discount Laser Sights, Night Sights, and Laser Grips.


If you are looking to buy discount Airguns and Airgun accessories from leading manufacturers, we are a leading supplier. Our airgun selection includes:

Camping Water Filter

Water filters and purifiers are ideal outdoor equipment for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. At Hunting Camping Deals, our discount Katadyn Water Filters and Katadyn Water Microfilters can help any outdoor enthusiast find clean, safe drinking water.

Hunting Knives

At Hunting Camping Deals, we sell a variety of knives and tools for hunting and other tactical, survival, and outdoor situations. These discount knives include Geber Knives, Geber Fixed Blade Knives, Gerber Folding Knives, and Machetes.

Knife Sharpener

A knife sharpener can help maintain the sharp edge on any quality hunting, kitchen, or survival knife. Buy discount Electric Knife Sharpeners and Chef's Choice Knife Sharpeners online at Hunting Camping Deals.

Rifle Bipod

Rilfe Bipods and Harris Bipods from Hunting Camping Deals can help hunters, tactical shooters, and competition shooters to achieve improved stability and accuracy.

Pocket Compass

A compass is one of the most important survival tools for many outdoor enthusiasts. At Hunting Camping Deals, you can buy a discount compass including a Brunton Compass, Silva Compass, or Sighting Compass for orienteering, hiking, and military uses.

Camp Cooking Equipment

Having the proper cooking equipment for a camping trip is important. At Hunting Camping Deals, our discount camping equipment includes outdoor cooking supplies such as:

Portable Hammock

A portable hammock from Hunting Camping Deals can be used for relaxation at the park or during a hike. In addition, portable hammocks can be used for hammock camping by backpackers or water sports adventurers.


A speedloader is a handgun accessory that allows shooters to quickly and easily load magazines or revolvers with ammunition.

Shooting Rests

Shooting rests and Portable Shooting Benches can be used for added stability when sighting a rifle and during competition shooting. In addition, a discount Gun Vise from Hunting Camping Deals can be used as a third hand to stabilize a firearm during gunsmithing and cleaning.

Game Finders

Hunting Camping Deals sells a variety of discount hunting gear including a variety of game finders and calls such as:

Baton Holders

Our discount baton holders are made by quality manufacturers and offer reliable protection for a security, law enforcement, or military officer's baton.